Peter Lenz

Drummer - Composer - Arranger

Ö1 Radio Session hosted by Klaus Wienerroither


Chris Speed - ts, cl

Keisuke Matsuno - guit

Stefan Lievestro - b

Peter Lenz - dr/comp


Here's an interview I did with Andreas Felber on Radio Ö1 (Austrian national broadcasting) in July

Lithium is Peter's latest work as a Bandleader. It came out as a co-release between Brooklyn based label Skirl Records and Austrian Label Session Work Records in April 2016

Chris Speed - ts,cl

Reinier Baas - guit

Stefan Lievestro - bass

Peter Lenz - dr/comp

It is but it's not is Peter's debut Album with his band Silent Flow and features his compositions for Quintet. It was released on Unit Records Switzerland in 2012

Adrian Kleinlosen - trb

Manfred Temmel - guit

Raphael Meinhart - vib

Lukas Raumberger - b

Peter Lenz - dr/comp

This Piano Trio is lead by belgian Piano player Thomas Maasz. The Album features Thomas' compositions and arrangements and was released in 2014.

Thomas Maasz - p

Marijn van de Ven - b

Peter Lenz - dr