Peter Lenz

Drummer - Composer - Arranger

Peter Lenz / Billy Test Large Ensemble

Excited to share this video of my latest endeavor...
Together with Billy Test I started Big Band!

This is a piece I wrote for Jazz Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble.
The lyrics are in german, but it's about the refugee crisis and how poorly we deal with the fear of the unfamiliar and the hatred that comes from it! In a way it also fits whats going on in the states...

Thanks to everybody who participated in this!

Radio Link

Here's the link to the interview I did on Radio Ö1 last Saturday.
For anybody who wants to hear me try to speak proper german!
It's gonna be online till next sunday.

Radio Ö1 Jazz Night

Extremely pleased to announce an interview with Andreas Felber live on Radio Ö1 next Saturday 00.05h (6.05pm NY time).
Alongside other recordings we'll also play some of my recently recorded Big Band music- for the first time ever! After the interview they'll broadcast a live concert of my quartet recorded in April featuring Chris Speed, Reinier Baas and Stefan Lievestro.

Tune in!

Upcoming Shows

6/6 Julia Ehninger 4tet at Silvana, w/ Keisuke Matsuno and Jakob Dreyer

8/6 Julia Ehninger 4tet at Cafe Vivaldi, w/ Keisuke Matsuno and Jakob Dreyer

6/15 Billy Test & Peter Lenz Connotation Orchestra, recording at Peter Karl Studios

6/22 BMI/NY Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Composers Concert, St Stephen's Episcopal Church

Totoro mini Tour w/ Trish Clowes - ts, Michi Lagger - p, Tom Berkmann - b

7/3 Naturgarten - Stainz b. Straden

7/4 Raj - Klagenfurt

7/5 Jazzclub 1019 - Vienna

7/6 Generalihof - Graz